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VME/VME64x Backplanes

VME64x Backplanes

The Elma Electronic VME64x backplane series is designed to fully comply with the ANSI/VITA VME extension standard. We provide all standard features required for VME64x compatibility, including 160-pin VME extension connectors in J1 and J2, all defined ground pins connected to a ground plane, routing and termination of all VME and VME64x bussed signal lines, geographic address pins, distribution of +5V, +3.3V, +/-12V, +/-V1, +/-V2, and VPC, all on a single monolithic printed circuit board with J1 and J2 included. Additional features include active, electronic IACK/BUSGRANT daisy chaining standard; onboard, inboard termination; distributed high frequency capacitors for each slot, distributed low frequency capacitors; five signal layers, five power and ground planes.


Elma Electronic constructs the VME64x board in ten layers — five signal layers, five power and ground planes. We incorporate a full stripline design, generously distributed decoupling capacitors, inboard termination, and 2 oz. power and ground planes. We could use fewer layers, but we use this design to isolate each signal layer so our backplanes provide superior performance. Our VME64x backplanes are compliant to the VITA 1.7 Increased Current Specification.


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