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Heat Sink Front Panels

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Heat Sink Front Panels  Assembly Material  EMC Gasket 

Heat Sink Front Panels
(Each part# includes 1 heat sink front panel. Please note, assembly material and EMC gasket must be ordered separately.)

Description Surface Width Height Part Number
Heat sink front panel Clear anodized 42 HP 3U 66-100-71
Heat sink front panel Black anodized 42 HP 3U 66-100-72
EMC heat sink front panel Clear passivated 42 HP 3U 21F342

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Assembly Material

Description  Part Number
Torx cylinder head screw M2.5 x 10, size T8 5470-09
Cross recessed cylinder head screw M2.5 x 10 5325-10

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EMC Gasket

For Height Length
Part Number
mm inch 1 pc.
3 U 101.6 4 81-062-03


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