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Classic British Wing Knob with Skirt

Classic British wing knob with skirt
Description Part Number
Maroon (¼ Inch shaft) CAE037748 CAE037748
Blue (¼ Inch shaft) CAE038039 CAE038039
Gray (¼ Inch shaft) CAE040196 CAE040196
Black (¼ Inch shaft) CAE041187 CAE041187

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Classic British Concentric Knob Set

Classic British concentric knob set
Description Part Number
Inner, gray (1/8 Inch shaft) CAE038038 CAE038038
Outer (6mm shaft) CAE038161 CAE038161

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Fluted Knob w/Skirt

Fluted knob w/ skirt
Description Part Number
Large, gray (1/4 Inch shaft) CAE041189 CAE041189

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“EMI/BBC” Knobs with Pointer

'EMI/BBC' knobs with Pointer
Description Part Number
Small, red (1/8 Inch shaft) CAE039537 CAE039537
Small, blue (1/8 Inch shaft) CAE039538 CAE039538
Small, gray (1/8 Inch shaft) CAE038336 CAE038336
Small, red (¼ Inch shaft) CAE040511 CAE040511
Small, blue (¼ Inch shaft) CAE040513 CAE040513
Small, gray (¼ Inch shaft) CAE040512 CAE040512
Large, red (¼ Inch shaft) CAE040514 CAE040514
Large, blue (¼ Inch shaft) CAE040516 CAE040516
Large, gray (¼ Inch shaft) CAE040515 CAE040515
Large, black (¼ Inch shaft) CAE041188 CAE041188
Large, red (1/8 Inch shaft) CAE039539 CAE039539
Large, blue (1/8 Inch shaft) CAE039540 CAE039540
Large, gray (1/8 Inch shaft) CAE038337 CAE038337

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