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Double Height LEDs

Ordering Information

Description Current Red/Red Green/Green Yellow/Yellow Red/Yellow Red/Green Yellow/Green
Double height of 1 row 2 mA 09H0010-63 09H0010-63 09H0011-63 09H0011-63 09H0012-63 09H0012-63 09H0015-63 09H0015-63 09H0016-63 09H0016-63 09H0017-63 09H0017-63
Double height of 1 row 10 mA 09H0010-61 09H0010-61 09H0011-61 09H0011-61 09H0012-61 09H0012-61 09H0015-61 09H0015-61 09H0016-61 09H0016-61 09H0017-61 09H0017-61

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