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Rotary Switching Products

Rotary Switching Products

Rotary switch movement offers the user the most accessible yet deliberate method of circuit switching, providing positive tactile feedback and secure activation when needed. Elma’s history in rotary switches, coded switches and encoders is written in the pages of our customer’s success stories. From the hit records of British Invasion, to the encrypted communications that keep the world’s military safe, we've been there…for over 50 years.

Elma’s rotary selector switch families features signal level switching solutions in a variety of sizes, contact arrangements and levels of ruggedness. Our coded switches offer the largest selection of styles available anywhere, and our modular switch construction ensures the right switch for your requirement. If your design calls for an incremental encoder, Elma’s E27 and E33 are specifically designed to be a rugged and reliable product alternative when performance is your driving criteria.

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