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Elma Electronic offers a wide range of services to assist our customer with new product introduction (NPI). From custom design and verification testing through agency certification, Elma has the experience to function as an extension of your company's design and compliance engineering team. Combined with Elma's level 4/5 integration capability for both embedded systems and switches Elma provides a single solution to your outsourcing needs. 

Allow Elma to take your latest product from prototype to production quickly, cost effectively and with reduced risk.

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  • Fertigung Tests
    Customized Adaptations and Tailor-Made Systems
    Individual solutions are a standard at Elma. With a comprehensive range of modular standard products, we combine and refine existing solutions as well as proven design concepts and meet even the most detailed requirements.
  • Application-ready system platforms

    ELMA can offer fully integrated and application-ready customised hard- and software. Our integration services are enabled by best knowledge of markets, purposes and technology, starting from the single architectures over components like fans, SBCs, I/O boards and drivers, operating systems, specific software and much more. The result is an application-ready product with perfectly matched components.

  • Produktion Pforzheim
    Contract Manufacturing
    Our contract manufacturing service combines the best of German engineering and Swiss precision. We can produce small quantities as well as high volumes at highest quality standards.
  • Engineering
    Finite Element Analysis
    How does a chassis like this behave when exposed to vibrations and impacts? What kinds of vibrations, dynamic torsional loading and static stress occur in the rack structure? When it comes to quickly optimizing diametrically opposed requirements such as these, Finite Element Analysis is often the first choice.
  • Eurocard Specifications

    Conversion Table
    General Mounting
    Rack Dimensions
    Mounting Dimensions in Subrack
    Subrack Dimensions
    Dimensions of Printed Circuit Boards

  • Type 33

    The Type 33 is a sturdy aluminum extrusion in two piece clamshell configuration. This allows easy access to interior.

  • Optima Stantron Test Reports
    View test reports, technical drawings, specifications, CAD files, and more. 
  • Links & Standards
    A list of Links & Standards.
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