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I/O Solutions

Housing the complex computer boards that make up today's sophisticated embedded computers is only half the solution.  Creating an application ready platform that is designed to fit and function in its intended environment while allowing seamless interface to the other components in the system is critical. To address these issues Elma has developed a comprehensive offering of products and capabilities to support the I/O needs of the application. Ranging from: Industrial or Military Cabling, Rear Transition Modules (RTMs), and Ridgid/Flex/Ridgid Backplane design Elma has the products and know how to meet the need. 

  • Industrial I/O cabling
  • MIL-DTL-38999 Cylindrical Connectors
  • Ridgid/Flex/Ridgid backplane to I/O panel
  • Rear Transition Modules (RTMs, std and custom)
  • VPX Waffer Cabling
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